PCR 6th – THC Part 2 / Spend and Save

I was at PCR on Tuesday, and we finished our lesson on THC and marijuana. First, we refreshed what we talked about last time: Marijuana is not a vitamin or a health food. Marijuana is a plant that contains the hallucinogenic drug THC. THC makes your heart beat faster and disrupts balance, vision, coordination and reaction…… Continue reading PCR 6th – THC Part 2 / Spend and Save

2019 STAR Camp

If you would like to register for the 2019 Malibu STAR Camp, please email Deputy Jake Merrifield: malibustarcamp@yahoo.com CLICK HERE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO APPLY TO BE A CAMP COUNSELOR See below for more information about STAR Camp: https://youtu.be/R0rRRAytRkY The 2019 STAR Camp is just around the corner! Run by Deputies Jake Merrifield and…… Continue reading 2019 STAR Camp