Welcome to the STAR Program

Merrifield and kidsThe STAR Unit (formerly known as the SANE Unit) has place Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff’s on school campuses across Los Angeles since 1985. STAR Deputies help thousands of young students mature into good decision makers every year.

The STAR Unit is more than a drug and violence prevention program. STAR Deputies establish a personal touch between the world’s largest law enforcement agency and the communities it serves.

Today’s students live in a world of great opportunities and great distractions. Successful students must learn how to make good choices and negotiate possible pitfalls as they grow into adulthood.

STAR Deputies speak to students in a classroom setting about:

· Setting goals regarding college, careers and maturing into successful adults,
· Getting involved in activities to stay busy and out of trouble,
· Developing good communication skills,
· The dangers and consequences of drug abuse, addiction & experimentation,
· Dealing with negative peer pressure and practicing positive peer pressure,
· Exercises in good decision making and being decisive,
· Safety Issues in the student’s local communities (i.e., Flood/Fire Safety for Malibu area students), and
· Current issues and trends at teachers or administrators request (i.e., bullying, internet safety, etc.).

Students in the STAR Program also get the benefit of interacting with a Deputy Sheriff in a friendly environment. STAR Deputies establish relationships with multiple generations of students, parents, teachers and community leaders. While it may be difficult to quantify the effect that STAR Deputies have with statistics, a school with a STAR Deputy is easy to spot. These communities have a genuine “small town” state of mind where parents, students, and teachers feel invested in their community’s law enforcement and welcome deputies into their neighborhood.


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