PCR 6th – THC Part 2 / Spend and Save

I was at PCR on Tuesday, and we finished our lesson on THC and marijuana. First, we refreshed what we talked about last time:

  • Marijuana is not a vitamin or a health food.
  • Marijuana is a plant that contains the hallucinogenic drug THC.
  • THC makes your heart beat faster and disrupts balance, vision, coordination and reaction time.
  • THC makes it hard to recall information and negatively impacts learning.
  • Kids that use THC may permanently lower their intelligence.
  • THC can be just as addictive as any of the other recreational drug.
  • Abusing THC can trigger mental illness.
  • Smoking/vaping marijuana is just as bad for your lungs as smoking/vaping anything else.

After that, we finished watching the video: Marijuana and the Teen Brain, and then I answered the kids questions.

When we were done with the video, we had a little extra time in some of the classes to play a board game named Spend or Save (Mrs. Chang’s classes asked so many good questions, that we didn’t get to play this time). The game plays like Candyland, but the idea is that the players are trying to save money for a summer trip, and the cards they draw tell them if they have spent their money or saved it.

As I wrote in the last entry, I think its important to talk to the kids about marijuana in depth at least once a year, and you can see how each presentation builds on the material from the previous year. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at deputyjake68@yahoo.com.




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