Webster #8

My last day at Webster got off to a great start when Mr. Miller presented me with an Honorary Service Award from the Malibu HS PTSA in Mr. Kisskalt’s class. Thank you again!

4th Grade – Patrol Car Experience

My time with the 4th  Grade was pretty simple: I parked the patrol car on the playground and let them play around in it. Each student was able to sit in the front and back seats for a period of time. After comparing the front and back seats of the car, we played dress up with a bunch of my LASD equipment (kids were able to see a variety of uniforms, jackets, helmets and other equipment from my years with the LASD). I had enough stuff for everyone to get to hold/wear at least one thing.

5th Grade – Certificates, T-Shirts & the Patrol Car

The 5th Grade lesson started with some official business as I had to hand out the STAR Certificates. We used the time as an opportunity to rehearse their commencement routine for the end of the year. After that, they also were able to play in the car with the added option of getting handcuffed before they got into the back seat. I told the kids that this should be once in a lifetime novelty and not an experience that they repeat in any official capacity. After I released them, I handed out STAR T-shirts to the 5th grade and wished them good luck over the summer. Thanks for another great year Webster!



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