MMS 6th – DUI Goggles

I enjoyed my last day at Malibu HS on Monday with the 6th Grade. Before I write about my lesson, I want to give a heartfelt thank you to the Malibu HS PTSA for awarding me an Honorary Service Award. I have been involved in PTA since my oldest daughter started kindergarten (she’s starting high school in the fall), and I have served as a PTA President and Council President during that time. With that being said, I am especially honored to get an HSA from a school that I teach at because I know the type the effort that goes into making a PTA work at a school and in a community. I’m sorry that I could not attend the meeting in person to receive the award (Mr. Miller presented it to me at Webster Elementary today). Thank you, again.


So… My last lesson with the 6th Graders involved a fun activity with a serious message. The DUI goggles are exactly what they sound like: rubber goggles that simulate the vision of a person under the influence of alcohol. The lesson is a fun way to end my year with the 6th graders, but it also gives the students some very valuable perspective on the dangers of drinking and driving or being under the influence of a drug in public.

dui goggles
A former student walking the line

Mr. Tucker was kind enough to make an alley between the desks in his class and put down a blue line of tape for our demonstration. With that done, I ran each student through a variety of tasks with the goggles. The first step was to walk heel to toe down a line on the ground (this is the closest thing to an actual field sobriety test that we did during the activity). Once the student reached the end of the line, they had to try and high five a classmate. Next they attempted to catch a hacky sack (bean-bag) and throw it back to me. Most students were unable to catch it, and most ended up missing the throwback by a mile. The last task was to try and kick a ball that I rolled towards them. Only a couple of kids per class were able to kick the ball.

Although this activity took time going through one at a time, the kids were entertained by watching their classmates. I’m already looking forward to visiting Malibu HS next year, and I hope all the students and staff have a good summer!


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