Juan Cabrillo # 7

I visited Juan Cabrillo for the 7th time this week; here is what we talked about:

4th Grade – Peer Pressure


I spent my time with the 4th grade introducing various peer pressure strategies. I talked about the concept of peer pressure in the Under Whose Influence lesson (we read a story about a middle school girl that was peer pressured to drink alcohol at a friend’s house), and I followed that discussion up with some specific techniques.

The concepts we talked about were:

  • Saying No
  • Steering Clear
  • Walking Away
  • Ignoring
  • Acting like a Broken Record (repeatedly saying No)
  • Making an Excuse (which every kid is good at, right?)
  • Stating the Facts (about why its a bad idea)
  • Reversing the Peer Pressure


I tried to bring each strategy to life by giving some colorful examples. If the kids employ these tactics when they are peer pressured or influenced, they will be in a better position to make good decisions.

5th Grade – Gateway Bingo


The 5th Grade also got to play a game: Gateway Bingo. The kids make a 4 x 4 bingo board out of facts about the gateway drugs (see picture) that we have talked about in class this year, and I give away various STAR Program prizes to the winners (everyone wins at least once by the end of class).

Its a nice way to review what we have talked about all year, and its an even better way to give away some prizes.


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