I had my last day with the 7th Graders on Monday, and we finished the year with a fun trivia game. 

img_1713STAR Trivia is a review exercise, and it serves to remind the kids about content that I have taught them and also gives me an opportunity to hand out candy to the kids that give the correct answers.

I break the kids into groups, and I put some categories related to different topics I have taught up on the board. Each group picks a question off the board, and if they get it right, everyone gets a candy. I make the first round easy, but after that things get more difficult. If they are feeling lucky, they can pick one of the “Super Hard” questions and try for two candies each (not too many kids got those ones right). 

Its a nice way to say bye to the kids for the year, and they obviously like it because of the candy.

I’m already looking forward to my last year with this group (when they are 8th graders). I hope they all have good summers and come back ready to learn some more.

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