MMS 7th – BTW Games

I tried out some new games with the 7th graders during my latest visit. I introduced two card games with an anti-bullying theme.

img_0218The first game is called BTW. It is a concentration style game, and the BTW stands for Bully, Target and Witness. During the game the players lay out 16 cards with various  scenarios from the perspective of the bully, the target of the bullying and the witnesses to the incident. The students have to read the scenarios (which all talk of healthy ways to resolve the bullying situations) as they draw cards to make matches.


The second game is called What’s the Deal, and its modeled after games like Apples for Apples. Each player is dealt a hand of solution cards, and then the players take turns drawing situation cards. Each player submits a solution card to the drawing player, and the solution that player selects wins. The game takes the kids through a bunch of typical bully scenarios, and they have to think about constructive ways to solve the problems.


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