LCE 6th Grade #1 – Survey and Time Capsule

I visited La Canada Elementary for the first time last week, and it was great to spend time with the new 6th grade. It was also great to meet Ms Schwartz for the first time.

20170929_172632106_iOSThere is a lot of logistical work to do with the kids during the first visit, and we had to be very efficient with our 45 minute sessions.  After a brief review of the 5th grade STAR Program and a brief intro into the 6th grade content, the students took a short survey. While the kids were completing the survey, I passed out their materials for the year: a STAR folder, name card, pencil and eraser.

img_7866Once the students finished my online survey, I had them complete the Time Capsule activity. Each student writes down a list of their favorite things on a worksheet I hand out,  and then they fold and staple it shut until the end of the year. When the students open the capsules in the spring, they see how much their preferences change even over just a few months. At this point in their lives, everything is changing all the time for these kids; their bodies, minds and abilities are all still developing at a crazy rate. img_7454They might feel awkward or clumsy because of it, but the good news is that all of their peers feel the same way too (although they might not admit it to each other).

I had a great time at La Canada Elementary, and I will return for another lesson this week. 


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